Friday, November 29, 2013

Posting Everything & More!

 Wow. I haven't posted in centuries! Here's pictures mainly from the summer and kind of from this year, just all around. I haven't posted pictures, even from the summer, in a longggggggg timeeeeeeee. So, here's pictures, in no order, from my life!
Huskies vs. Cougars, and HUSKIES FOR THE WIN! (: Momma and I so excited that they won!
My bestie, Lauren, and I went to go and see Zac Brown Band in concert. Her mom was so generous to buy me a ticket for good grades. They are too nice to me(:

We made T-shirts, too! On the front says: Zac Brown Band 2k13 and the back: you know we like our chicken fried!

HE WAS LIKE 5 FEET AWAY FROM US! (This is Lauren's mom's boss's picture, because Lauren and I didn't get any pictures, but this was practically how close we were when he came down!)

BEAUTIFUL sunset in Spokane, Wa

Printed out a whole bunch of pictures for my other bestie, Iris, for her 13th birthday tomorrow! We have known each other and been besties since the 2nd grade!

July 2013

Alexa brought her cute baby, Ellie, to the beach family reunion for the first time!

Thought this was a cute idea, so we did it!

Beautiful Manhattan!

Goodbye LA, Hello Disneyland!

Mickey's great wheel and California Screamin'

Front row, left side: Pictures of us (mainly me...) totally freaked out on the Tower of Terror!

Sleeping Beauty's castle.

Maui, a wooden statue thing, in front of the Tiki Room

There's an arcade of ALL games that were 1 penny! There were little videos that you had to stick your head in view finder to look at the movie clip. SO cool! Wyatt won the best thing for best kisser...


Lightning McQueen!

Wyatt and I met Snow White! (She had a VERY high pitched voice!)

The only 2 things I wanted, Mickey Mouse Waffle and Mickey Mouse Pretzel. The pretzel was an adventure to find, let me tell ya!

We met Eeyore and Winnie the Pooh!

Love the little "landmarks" all around!

Saw Sully and Mike Wasowski!

And good ol' Mickey Mouse!

Got some pictures from Mom's Instagram. I got a picture drawn of me, the lady was SOOO good! Also, like Mom's caption said, Feel the love in Cars Land! I love those boys(:


Lauren helped me paint and set up my VERY OWN ROOM in 7ish years!

Mark found a diamond ring on the ground in a parking lot in Fred Meyers, and we looked at lost and found and everywhere and couldn't find the owner. Too bad it fits me and everything! (;

Made a shirt with Gram and Mom. C'est une belle journee: It's a beautiful day in French!

August 15th, 2013 Momma's 40th birthday!

Went to a wonderful restaurant, Palasades, with Gram, Mom, Mark, and I! 

Went to Taylor Swift concert with my bestie since birth! August 31st,2013.

September 21st, 2013. Went to Silverwood with Lauren, Mom, Mark, and Wyatt. We got these two little cats and named them Steve and Carol and currently take them everywhere with us. You may call us weird, but I call us..well...weird.

A month or so after middle school started! Love my friends!
I will try to post pictures more often, but I just have so much homework and so little time! haha!


  1. LOVE this catch-up blog! I think you pretty much summed up your awesome adventures with those cute pictures. Great times! And fabulous memories to last a lifetime! xoxox Love Momma

  2. I love this so much! You're whole life is so beautiful! and I'm so glad i get to be in it! love you chloe! xoxox

    1. awww thanks erin!! I love you sooooooo much!!! xoxoxooo Chloe

  3. you are such a beauty! i love all of these photos! and you!!

    miss you lots dear cousin :) xoxoxo

    p.s. come to utah and visit! we have extra rooms, you and gracie could babysit ellie! ;)

    1. aww thanks lex! I love you so so so much!! xoxoxo chloe

      p.s. I will definitely have to come down and do that soon!!

  4. ahh yay for blogging! I love all these photos and the randomness! miss you chloe!!