Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mother's Day weekend, Kendon's Birthday, Skip-School Day, Jillian's Birthday, Rain Dancing, and Memorial Day Weekend all in one post!

It was Kendon's 13th birthday! (teen days, good luck Mom and Mark) Love you bud! (: 

I LOVE painting, so I painted rocks for the garden.

I can't go ANYWHERE without taking pictures of flowers, literally. 

Paint+Outside+Chloe's creativity= Legs painted! (With the help of Mom and Mark)

My gorgeous Mother. Happy Mother's day! 

Then, we decided to have some fun. I guess the funny faces just runs in the family...

Trust me, I have LOTS more, but no need to show those..

Sorry if I embarrassed you, Momma. (; 

My BFF a.k.a. sister Lauren and I got to skip school one day and hang out and babysit her niece.
 This is her niece, Courtney. (: 

We decided to walk to a little market called the Rocket Market. BEST cheap food place! 

 We chilled out, had coke, and watched a movie. 
Then, we took a drive to North West Seed and Pet.


 Made my day. 

Lauren's favorite.

This big huge tortoise walking around! 

Cute picture of all my girly friends at Jillian's party.

My other bestie, Iris, since the 2nd grade. I love this girl to death. 

To infinity and beyond

The Birthday girl, Jillian! 

Emma and I doing silly faces. (: 

Like I said, I can't go anywhere without flower pictures! 

Dancing in the Rain

Flying to Mom's for Memorial Day

My yoga cat, Zoey.

Mom and I. 


Asking Siri about the Mariners game, SO EXCITED! 

  Turns out, 2 hoursish before leaving for the game, I got the 24 hour flu and layed on the couch all day. ): Thanks mom for taking wonderful care of me! (: