Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hey hey!!!!!!

Ok, i know i haven't been blogging for a while so here's the new updates:

I'm doing Hoopfest! And for you that don't know what that is, it's a basketball thing and you play all sorts of different teams...and i don't even play basketball!!!

My best friend, Iris, her foot has an arch and she can't walk straight so she has to be in a boot for 3 weeks- a month. if her foot is still swollen, in a month, then she has to get a cast and crutches... boo hoo! I LOVE YOU IRIS!!!

I did P.E. testing this week!! I did 47 sit-ups, 12 on the sit and reach box, only 17 push ups ( i just wanted to pass for pete's sake!!) and ran the mile!!!! I got 10th place and ran it in 9.05!!!!!! WAHOO!!!!!!!!

Almost Mother's day!!!!! I'm gonna give my momma something she'll REALLY like! And mom, if you're reading this, then i'm not gonna tell!!! For you that i told you what it was, you already know and DONT tell my mom! if you don't know what it is, email me!

Almost Walk-a-thon time!!! I LOVE THE WALKATHON!!!! SNOW CONES, LICORICE, PIZZA OH MY!!!!! i love the walkathon!!!!

And that's pretty much all! hope you guys have had a AWESOME week!!!