Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The ChelanMan!!!

Last weekend I went to Lake Chelan with my family and our parents friends and their sons.......

Left to right: Blaine (11), Drake (14), Wyatt (13), Isiah (9), Carter (9), Kymani (12) and Chloe (11)

Wyatt and Laurel did the Tri and both got 1st in their age group!!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Hoopfest- Boo Yaw and Boo Hoo

On Saturday, I did a thing called Hoopfest. For you who don't know what the heck that is, it is a basketball tournament with ages from around (remember, i am not saying this is right ;) 4-64! Yeah! So you can make a team with 3 to 4 people on a team. ( i say to make a team with 4 people so you can get a drink of water every now and then!)  So your team is on a certain age and skill level bracket and you play against other people on your bracket and yeah! So i did that on Saturday. Here's how the story went: On Saturday at 8:00 in the morning, i played with my team mates: Iris, Erin and Carolyn. Our name was the Hoopshooters. Iris is like my bestest friend ever and i wouldn't know what to do if i didn't know her, she is also a basketball player. Erin is also one of my best friends and is like 5 "4, so yeah, she is the rebounder and also a basketball player. ;) And my friend, Carolyn, she is the one that makes me laugh a lot and she is also  a basketball player. Yep, and there's me, who doesn't have any basketball experience at all except for playing with her brothers in the front yard. Haha. Anyways, our first team we played against were called  "the chipmunks". Yeah, their name explains it all. They were not that tall and i think they were just coming to get a t-shirt. IDK. Soooo.... What would you guess? Yep, we beat them by 6!!!! Boo Yaw!!! So then i just watched Erin's little brother play and watched my friend, Zack, play until about 12:00. At 12:00, we played another game and won by 4 or 5, which should have been our last game of the day so we could rest for tomorrow, but NOOOOO, we had to play another team at 3:00 because our team was the lucky one in our whole bracket to play another game! So we watched some more games and then at 3:00, we played. Yep, this time we were scared. We were playing girls who were like 1,001 feet tall!! So, before the game Carolyn told me we had to win 'cause her dad was gonna pay her $10 if we won. Haha, you'll figure out why. So, that game, we lost by 2 or 3. No money for Carloyn. :) The reason why Carolyn's dad was gonna pay her is because if we lost that game (sucess!! ;) we would have to play ANOTHER game! So, we had to play another game at 6:30. Boo. I went home for 2 hours and rested and then came back at 6:30. The team that we played the team that we played looked like they were going into the 7th grade. yikes. so you guess. we lost that game and didn't get to play on Sunday. Boo. anywho, i conked out on saturday but was proud of what i accomplished. I might get on a basketball team next year!!! So, that was my weekend!