Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas....Random places!

 Bogie is my little model, so this year, you will be seeing lots of pictures of him! (all you need is a carrot or two..)

 Last Friday, Mark, Mom, Wyatt and I headed over to our friends, The Jelcick's, condo.

 We have been friends FOREVER!

 This is Ellaney Lynn, and yes, we have the same middle name. We are pretty much sisters you could say. :)

 Bogie, again, he is just so darn CUTE!

 Zoey. She is constantly wanting to go outside. She is the biggest diva cat I have ever met.  

 Our chickens. (we have 15 of them) They just started laying eggs again literally 2 days ago. That red one is mine. :)

 Wyatt got a Kendama for Christmas. (sorry for the picture quality) He is always doing it, especially when he is watching T.V. (??)

 We finished a 1,000 piece puzzle. It was pretty much all Mark and Mom. I helped, a little! 

  Kendon. He is Mr. Smiley, most of the time. This is a rare picture because he smiles for 2 seconds, then stops, then smiles, so im glad i got it!

 Zoey LOVED the bags! 

 This is a REALLY hard puzzle!
 Wyatt working hard on a different puzzle, that one was hard!

 Mom and Wyatt finished it!
 Mark was pretty much the only one working on the 1,000 piece puzzle!

 Mark cooked the Christmas dinner!

 Mom and I set up the dinner!

 My Christmas present!


 OH YEAH!!!!