Tuesday, April 17, 2012

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

 Gosh Darn it, i love going in front of the whole school and tons of parents doing what my friend calls a 'tripete'(a.k.a. singing a song with 3 people) with two of my BEST FRIENDS IN THE WORLD!!!!!!! 

Boo hoo

UGH! I had to spend the whole day at school with a REALLY BAD sore throat, conjusted nose, hating myself for only sleeping for 4 hours last night,so, when i got home, i REALLY didn't feel good, so i took my temperature and figured out that ive had a fever this whole day! 100.00!!!! boo hoo


Don't you just HATE it when you've played Basketball too much that your butt hurts?? Or when you've done too many sit-ups on the practice test in P.E. that it hurts really badly when you try to sit up on your stomach???? i do!!! this happened to me all this past week and last week!! IM IN PAIN!!!!!! :(

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2 funny pictures

  Haha, i LOVE this picture!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Funny pictures and quotes




Best quote i've EVER heard!

"Sisters are as close as hands and feet."

This is my step-sister, Kymani. She is 12 years old and in Sacagawea Middle School. She is one of my best-buds. Sure we fight now and then, but that's why we have siblings!! :)

"All i really need is love, but a little chocolate doesn't hurt every now and then!"

I LOVE Easter!! ALL SWEETS!!! :) This is my step-sister, Kymani. So, we decided to try to eat all of our candy while the parents and brothers have gone out....haha, just kidding. Hope you guys had a WONDERFUL Easter!!!! love you! xoxo -Chloe

Friday, April 6, 2012

i LOVE sugar!!!

 MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (that's my evil sugar laugh...)

Everyone has to love dogs!!!!

Ok, some fo these aren't dogs, but they still are SUPER cute!!!

To my friend!

Im sending a lot of love to my friend, Lauren because she's not feeling too well. I hope you feel better Lauren!!! Loves you to pieces!!!! xoxo chloe

Things i DON'T want:

 This ugly gremlin car to drive in.. UGH!
 To ever have these in my house!

 To have this dog

 To live here

 For someone to ask me to marry them with this
  To scoop poop as a living
 To have a condo by this

  To have this as my child

Things that i want someday:

Golden Retriever
To live in a mansion by the beach in Mexico

To have this as a vehicle with a chauffeur
  To have this on my finger
  To work here for my job
To have LOTS of this!!

  To have life-time passes here with free airfare
  To have a condo in Hawaii by the beach

   To have two cute girls

Raise your hand if you love one direction!!! I DO I DO I DO!!!


Always remember this!

I found this really cute idea online!

I love cookie monster and i found this cute idea online! His body is blue coconut and i really dont know what his eyes are... but you just cut a hole in the middle and stick a cookie in there!!! LOVE IT!!

Thank the lord for Easter decorations!

Today my mom and I went out to get bogie a new bed because his old one has cancer dog all over it! P.S. Molly is my black lab that has cancer and is about to kick the bucket.:(. Anyways, we kinda got distracted and went into Pier 1 imports and saw these smell-good candles and i begged my mom for these little chickies!! Have fun decorating for Easter!!!!!!!

I LOVE this!!

My mommacita gave this to me for my birthday! i LOVE it!!! I put it by my window. Remember, ALWAYS dream!!! :)

Yep, this is my life!

Well, i have to share a bedroom with my brother and my grandma. (when she's here and not at Hawaii) I LOVE sharing a bedroom with my wonderful grandmother, but my brother, not so much. Sorry Wyatt. ;) So, i get a  little corner to myself in my teeny, yet adorable, room. While Wyatt and Gram share a bunk-bed. So, in my little corner, i have a bulletin board and... a DEAD, STUFFED DEER!!! Yep! My step-dad is a hunter and before i met him, my/wyatt/gram's room was his office where he put all of his 'office' stuff. So, i still have the deer 'Bucky' in my room. So i kindly asked my mom to get him out, she said yes, but, we are going to put 'precious Bucky' above the TV in our living room. Wonderful. Just wonderful. Well, at least he's not in my room anymore!


Today my mom and i made about 50 cupcakes for no apparent reason.I only took a picture of these 9 though.  They were yellow cupcakes with home made buttercream frosting, YUM! We decorated all of them with a piping set i got for my birthday. (THANK YOU GRAM!!!) They taste SO DELICIOUS!!!! (sure i just had a taste test with one cupcake! or two or three...;) I hope you had a wonderful day today! :) -cupcake lover <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

A dog is a man's best friend, Bogie is my best friend! :)

My dog, bogie, is the best dog EVER!!! And guess what his favorite treat is?  Nope, not dog treats! CARROTS! He dashes to the kitchen when he hears the bag open up, knowing they're carrots. He'll flash his cute puppy face at me and i HAVE to give one to him! Once you met him, your in love!!!! "A dog is a man's best friend, Bogie is my best friend!" -Chloe Burley LOVE YOU BOGART!!! 

The latest and greatest invention! By: Mother :)

So, i have this HUGE red pimple on my nose and i really want it to go away! (Who wouldn't??) Anyways, my mom always has all of these tricks up her sleeve to try to get them away. Last night, one of her tricks where to put and tea-bag on my nose. Uh, yeah, ever heard of that? I didn't think so! My mom said, "Put this on your nose." I was like, "Mom, are you okay? I have to put a teabag on my nose?" So she answered, " It's supposed to fight off the bacteria and blah blah blah blah blah." ( I didn't listen to the rest ;) So i was thinking in my head, why not just wash it off? But okay mother! So i put it on my nose and then my wonderful step-dad walked in and did the weirdest face i've ever seen in history! After he figured out it was a teabag, by no suprise thinking its my step-dad, he said,"What kind is that??" Haha. It cracked us all up. So, if you guys are wondering, if you ever have a pimple, put a teabag on your nose, even if it makes you look like a dork. :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

"To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world."

These are my BFF's:                    Lauren



Jake (left) Iris (right)

Iris's little 3 year old brother,Joseph a.k.a Bubs :)

 Left to Right: Bella, Chloe, (ME), Iris again ;)

Me and Iris (I have lots more pictures of Iris, but decided to just put 3 to sum it up.... ;)

Last but not least, My beautiful mother!!!

Thank you soo much for being there for me Friends and Family!! Love you all!!! xoxo forever